Wednesday, April 01, 2009

McDonald's Official Collector announces:


Dear visitors,

I'd like to explain why new posts are not being published since over a year.

The reason is not on my side. I do my best to contact countries I still haven't received anything from. I'm sending e-mails, I call the offices but with no result.
I still expect some new stuff from countries in Mezoamerica but as I said I only expect. I'm keeping in touch with the proper persons.

Currently in my collection are 90 countries. Other 28 countries with McDonald's are specific markets and there are not operates lots of restaurants. The Caribbean region even use the same advertising materials but as you can see it is event hard to receive it....There are also countries that have never responsed like Macau, Sri Lanka, Peru...

However my collection is still open and I'll never give in!

My goal is to collect at least one item from every McDonald's market.


Your McCollector



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